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Revel Artbook



1. boisterous merrymaking or festivity; revelry.

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[ General Info ] [ Submission Guidelines ]
[ Artist Slots ] [ Artbook Contest! ]

[ Theme ]

A celebration of national and international holidays across the globe.

Charity: SickKids Foundation, a Toronto-based charity and health care facility fighting to make every kid a healthy kid.

Where to find us:

Revel Twitter
Revel Facebook
Revel Tumblr

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[ Participating Artists (50/50+) ]

Our cover artist: :iconlongestdistance:

:iconcelstie: :iconmokkorin: :iconekkoberry: :iconrainry: :iconqsan90: :iconkirwet99: :iconkutty-sark: :iconanocurry: :iconmxlk: :icondathie: :iconfleetingthunderblade: :iconameriya: :iconuchuubranko: :iconim1m: :iconorony: :icono-hikaku: :iconpoursuu: :iconclownchime: :iconemphasis-lest: :iconkiekyun: :iconnaussi: :iconpopseacle: :iconmoryapanima: :iconkanlamari: :iconpepapen: :iconlluluchwan: :iconnagisafelicia: :iconemariechi: :iconlilianei: :iconruina: :iconchriston-clivef: :iconponchiux: :iconmeodualeo: :icontheelvishdevil: :iconjayuu: :iconkirabunni: :iconguava-pie: :iconendlessrz: :icon6ooey: :iconc-palmer: :iconblunell: :iconomigrim: :iconskunkyfly: :iconshiranova: :iconsobbing-jester: :iconshiyumichan: :icontigermint: :iconseerlight: :iconnuuti: :iconmintycanoodles:

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[ Status ]

| Prepping & Organizing | Artist Invitations | Public


| Theme Selection| | Contest | Layout Design |

Art Submission | Final Preparations | Pre-Orders | Shipping |

Donation to SickKids |



Theme: A Celebration of Events and Holidays Across the Globe

Update: Waiting for some of the entrants to reply regarading resolution of submissions. Once I receive replies, I'll post winners!

For holiday ideas to choose from, check out:

International Holidays

Public Holidays

Days of the Year

You may comment below (or send a note to Celstie) to claim a theme, although it is not necessary. More than one person may enter with the same event/holiday, however, only one illustration featuring that event/holiday will be chosen to win. Claimed themes will be featured and updated at the bottom of this journal for your reference.
Please do not pick an event/holiday already selected by our current contributors.

Refer to Theme Selections

[ F O R M A T]

Image size are set to be DIGITAL: 2670px by 3075px at 300DPI (bleed already included), or TRADITIONAL: 8.5" x 10.25", portrait.


Canvas (C) >> Change Resolution (R)>> Resolution >> Set if to 300 pixel/inch if it's not already at that setting

Image >> Resize >> Image Size >> Resolution >> Set if to 300 pixel/inch if it's not already at that setting but make sure that the "Resample Image" box is UNCHECKED.

(For those wondering, the canvas will not take up the whole A4 Page because a small area at the bottom is reserved for your text description.)

All submitted artwork should be fully coloured with a background, although simpler backgrounds can still be accepted, given that the rest of piece makes up for the amount of detail. The artwork must include at least one character.
Any submitted artwork must be made specifically for this contest.
You can enter as many times as you’d like, but only one entry per individual will be chosen.

Comment or note Celstie (NOT THE GROUP) the link to your uploaded piece to enter contest!
Please submit your illustration to your gallery, not, so we can save it in the group folder.

In your description, please also include the information below along with your artwork:

The name you wish to appear in the artbook:

Your chosen event or holiday name + date:

A brief description of the holiday chosen and/or why you chose it (~200-240 characters):

[ A L L O W E D ]

:bulletgreen: Any style of art; traditional or digital, it's absolutely your call.

:bulletgreen: Your original characters! Can include multiple.

:bulletgreen: Artist signatures (given that they're not too big); please refrain from large watermarks.

[ N O T     A L L O W E D ]

:bulletred: Re-using old artwork

:bulletred: Fanart or copyrighted material of any kind

:bulletred: 18+ content (Excessive nudity, gore, profane language)

:bulletred: Photographs of traditional artwork; please scan them!

:bulletred: Sketches or incomplete artwork

:bulletred: Tracing of any sort

:bulletred: Use of brushes/stock images that aren't for commercial use

[ C O P Y R I G H T    I N F O R M A T I O N ]

○ All artwork must be original and not subject to copyright infringement; any copyright infringement will be subjected to the responsibility of the artist who brought about the violation.

○ Artists retain full rights to their artwork, and are free to do as they will (sell as prints, etc.) with their submitted art piece once the project has concluded. Full credit will be given in the artbook.

○ By submitting an art piece for this artbook, the artist confirms to be over the age of 18 or have received parental consent for their participation.

○ In submitting an art piece for this artbook, the artist gives us the right to edit and/or modify (adjustments to size, etc.) their artwork for the purpose of formatting, printing, and marketing the artbook.

○ Artists may be asked to use their artwork for additional merchandise such as posters/bookmarks/etc. for the project.

[ J U D G I N G ]

Entries will be judged upon:

○ Creativity

○ Composition

○ Anatomical Correctness

○ Effort

[ P R I Z E S ]

:star: 1st Place :star:

○ $18 or 1,800 :points: from Celstie

○ 500 :points: courtesy of planium

○ A spot in the artbook

○ A free digital copy of the book

○ Half-body illustration from mintycanoodles

○ Half-body illustration from dathie*

○ Full-body illustration from orony

○ Bust-up illustration from EmarieChi

○ Headshot from Mokkorin

○ Headshot illustration from ShiyumiChan

○ +Watch, Llama, & Journal Feature from Celstie

○ Feature & Llama from Blunell

:star: 2nd Place (Unlocked at 5+ Unique Entries) :star:

○ $10 or 1,000 :points: from Celstie

○ 500 :points: courtesy of planium

○ 300 :points: courtesy of mintycanoodles

○ A spot in the artbook

○ A free digital copy of the book

○ Half-body illustration from longestdistance

○ Bust-up illustration from EmarieChi

○ Headshot sketch from Skunkyfly

○ Experimental chibi from Celstie*

○ +Watch, Llama, & Journal Feature from Celstie

○ Feature & Llama from Blunell

:star: 3rd Place  (Unlocked at 10+ Unique Entries) :star:

○ $5 or 500 :points: from Celstie

○ 500 :points: courtesy of planium

○ 300 :points: courtesy of mintycanoodles

○ A spot in the artbook

○ 50% off artbook

○ Thigh-up illustration from Celstie*

○ Bust-up illustration from EmarieChi

○ +Watch, Llama, & Journal Feature from Celstie

○ Feature & Llama from Blunell

* these prizes will be rewarded after completion of Revel Artbook due to time constraints.

EDIT: I cannot express my gratitude enough for all the generous donations we have received in the short period this contest has been up. Thank you so much to everyone who's donated prizes, expressed interest in the contest, or shared this journal. :heart:

Even if you are not interested in joining our contest, it'd be incredibly helpful if you spread the word about the project itself.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

[ E N T R A N T S ]

:iconlilac-patal:  Koliada (Slavic Winter Festival) - January 6th
:icongilthorpe:  Old Rock Day - January 7th
:iconrukiach:  Tamazight new year - January 12th
:iconeilerinn:  Venise Carnaval - January 27th
:iconaloubell:  Decorating with Candy Day - Februay 1st
:iconananaalog:  Candle Festival - February 2nd
:iconnilichii:  Western Monarch Dday - February 5th
:iconyuneyo:  National Umbrella Day - February 10th
:icontiiria:  Darwin Day - February 12th
:iconchubychibilegs:  Clean Monday - February 19th
:iconkumorie:  World Thinking Day - February 22nd
:iconsa1tyy:  Pingxi Lantern Festival - March 2nd
:iconxxice-maidenxx:  Pinxi Lantern Festival - March 2nd
:iconbearysukie:  Dr. Seuss Day - March 2nd
:iconblazingbacon:  Jewel Day - March 13th
:iconyuriques:  Earth Hour - March 24th
:iconshizuko-akatsuki:  Children's Book Day - April 2nd
:iconkaliga:  Festa del Bocolo (Festival of Roses) - April 25th
:icondensukii:  Magayon Festival - May 1st
:iconreyachan:  Victory Day (Russia) - May 9th
:iconasu-hime:  World Baking Day - May 17th
:iconasahinax: National Donut Day - June 1st
:icongc-cyasha:  Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) Day - June 16th
:iconk-a-g-i:  Dragon Boat Festival - June 18th
:iconaliocornia:  Aboriginal Day - June 21st
:iconmiyuuhime:  Fairy Day - June 24th
:iconkazugamei5: Bali Kite Festival - July 3rd
:iconshikafy:  Wold Snake Day - July 16th
:iconlu--24:  International Dog Day - August 26th
:iconrain-fullbuster:  Vietnamese National Day - September 2nd
:iconakariinnn:  Skyscraper Day - September 3rd
:iconberryzem: National Grandparent's Day - September 9th
:iconrwiiihardy:  International Talk Like a Pirate Day - September 19th
:iconterrathefox:  World Smile Day - October 5th
:icondrewfie: World Animal Day - October 8th
:icontanadangyeu:  World Food Day - October 16th
:iconshiimosa:  International Artists Day - October 25th
:iconestheryu:  International Cat Day - October 29th
:iconmikadesoo:  Magic Day - October 31st
:iconbluajisai:  Culture Day - November 3rd
:iconpl-e-a-s-e:  Sandwich Day - November 3rd
:iconyukicole02:  Jellyfish Day - November 3rd
:iconfoxiecsc:  China Public Singles’ Day - November 11th
:icongalacticcadet:  St. Martin's Day - November 11th
:iconghostchiryou:  Take a Hike Day - November 17th
:iconpotentdisaster:  Loi Krathong - November 23rd
:iconyukirunran:  Cake Day - November 26th
:iconkaystronaut:  Hanukkah - December 2nd
:iconhananas59:  Sinterklaas - December 5th
:iconfyrose:  Krampusnacht - December 5th
:iconalluis: International Tea Day - December 15th

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